elizabeth (elizabeth_rv) wrote in cat_magick,

Healing Cat Magick

Happy (calendar) New Year, everyone, hey there! I'm a longtime witch but new here & I thought I'd say hi and tell you a bit about the work I'm doing with my familiar, Bunky: my partner and I (and lots of other well wishing witches) are doing our best to cure her of cancer, magickally and with natural healing. She is a very willing patient and loves the energy work.

At my lj there's a lot about remote viewing done for Bunky's optimum health, reiki/energy work with Bunky, and info on supplements for different cat-health purposes. Also, of more general interest, there will be more and more kitty-food recipes, whether for cat patients, for finicky familiars, or just for special treats, maybe others would like that. I would love to hear from others who are nursing their little creatures of Bast, who do healing on their beloved feline familiars.

Blessed be you and your pussycats in the growing of the year's light! :)
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