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Maneki Neko

i was at barnes and noble the other day doing some reading on cats and came across Maneki Neko (see icon). it's a good luck amulet that's very popular in japan and the rest of the world. it takes the form of a japanese bobtail cat holding up one paw. holding up a left paw it invites business...holding up a right paw it invokes cash. the various colors they come in mean different things too. white is for good luck; gold is for wealth and prosperity; black is for spiritual protection; and red (rare) is for good health.

  this is the japanese symbol for cat/neko...it is also said to have some kind of protection power.

if you like sushi and japanese culture you've probably seen these little guys in sushi shops around the windows. that's where you're supposed to place them...next to a door or window, and they are supposed to face outwards. 

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