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Kitty Birthday

I was reading this book called 'Dancing with the Sun" (or something like that)  by Yasmine Galenorm and it has a suggestion for a kitty birthday that I thought I would adapt to my practices.

Basically what you do is invite all your friends over that have cats and set up a communal altar with pics of their cats (they don't have to be familiars) both past and present. Everyone is supposed to bring a small bag of cat food to later donate to the local animal shelter. Presents for the kitties are always welcomed. Yes, I'm one of the crazy people that gets her cats a birthday present. Catnip of course would also be placed on the altar along with any favorite cat toys or anything associated with cats (like paw prints and mice). Call upon Bastet for this little ritual. I believe Yasmine mentioned blessing the cat food to bring the kitties good health or something before dropping it off at the shelter. I can't remember though-it's been awhile since I read the book but as I'm preparing to celebrate 'Kitty Birthday" in my house I thought I'd share the idea ^_^

I have three cats so this works pretty good for me. I am a solitary practitioner mainly because I don't have any fellow pagans that I gather with regularly so I plan on just making this something I do yearly. I do it sometime in January since first of all there's no other holiday in that month and second (as reported by my local news) animal shelters see an increase in people giving up their pets in the month of December because they can no longer afford them. My kitties birthdays are in Feb, March, and July but January seemed to be a good time to do this for the above listed reasons.

I know this is a cat magick community but I thought I would also note that this could be adapted for those who have dogs. Pooches need love too ^_^

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